Market Entry Strategy

At AgNexus Consulting™ success starts with a plan. We consider strategy the knit that links science with markets and end users. Developing a strong vision and clear roadmap can help you find clarity and focus resources to key initiatives meant to move the needle. This is your playbook! Competitive strategies are more than just flashy marketing and publicity tactics. Market entry strategy includes assessing current and available markets, outlining risks and rewards associated with these markets along with tactical efforts to sustainably capture the dominant market share. Identifying and developing commercialization partners may also contribute to entry strategy. In this process, companies often refresh development efforts so their laser focus is to produce high quality products and sell them at a profit, within a price range that is acceptable to consumers in the target market.

Market Entry Strategy Offerings:

  • Strategic placement or alignment with complementary technologies – We connect commercialization partners and technologies for success.
  • Target market analysis – what markets are you looking to capture & why?
  • Identification of market opportunities – where are the holes in these market offerings?
  • Existing portfolio review – what works and how can we capitalize on flagship success?
  • New product concept positioning – where can existing technologies fit to capture new acres?
  • Competing product analysis – who else plays in this market?
  • Cooperative product analysis – who is complementary?
  • Refresh market positioning – what can be done to differentiate?
  • Co-development of crop specific programs – product grouping
  • Promotional strategy for technical research – tailor to end user, distribution or commercialization partners
  • Creative and engaging meeting presentations
  • Tactical marketing initiatives – digital, print, email, web content
  • Sales training and tools
  • New Product launch strategy
  • Product lifespan and next generation concepts – phase 2 markets

Next Steps:

Whether you’re ready to go to market with a novel technology, refresh a product image within your portfolio or simply review your portfolio of products for additional opportunity, we start our client engagement with an intensive company interview. This process allows us to complete a key market, technical, differentiation and product positioning analysis. It is helpful to also have clearly defined company mission, vision and goals when starting this process. We can help with establishing these too!

Once your plan is complete, we evaluate the resources available for success tactics and build an execution strategy.

If you ready to be the preferred and trusted company for your target market consumers – let us know! We are here to make it happen.